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Sustainability At Royalcraft

Eco Aware

At Royalcraft we are aware that the steps that we take and business decisions that we make have an impact not only on our customers or employees but also on the natural environment. We believe that what we do today is important for our tomorrow. Therefore, every day, we work on solutions that contribute to the reduction of our environmental footprint. Our aim is to minimise the negative impact on the climate change, so we are committed to introducing eco-conscious practices. Discover how we are playing our part to help the environment.

Sustainable Source of Energy

Sustainable power sources are without a doubt the future of energy. Replacing fossil fuels and other types of energy sources that have a negative impact on our health with the power that comes from nature is the best way to go. We feel strongly motivated in taking action, having a positive environmental impact and promoting eco-friendly solutions. Global emission of CO2 is still growing, we are determined not to add to that number. Royalcraft as an international, expanding company is a part of the eco-friendly movement and has focused on switching to solar energy systems in our West Midlands main warehouse. The Solar panels implemented in 2021 produce a renewable and clean energy source which creates no carbon emissions or other heat-trapping “greenhouse” gases and avoids the environmental damage associated with mining or drilling for fossil fuels. Our switch to LED lighting has also reduced our carbon footprint. LED light bulbs contain zero toxic chemicals and last so much longer than average bulbs means they produce far less waste and are easy to recycle, which allows them to be much gentler on the environment. This all helps us effectively slash energy usage and reduce our carbon output. Every day, thousands of orders are sent to customers and multiple shipments are received, therefore a stable source of energy is crucial in order to provide our customers and partners with the best service quality.

Eco-Friendly Web hosting

Data hosting centres have a big share in energy consumption and CO2 pollution, due to their massive use of electric power and cooling systems. From the very beginning, Royalcraft has known the importance of green energy and that is why we host our data exclusively with a hosting provider who operates in an environmentally responsible manner. Our Data Centre Infrastructure is entirely based on Cloud Platform which is recognised as a carbon-neutral platform, matching 100% of its energy consumption with renewable sources like wind and solar. Our sustainable-first approach not only benefits the environment but also provides an eco-friendly foundation for our business. By prioritising our love for people and nature we aim to inspire not only our customers but everyone around us to live a more conscious and responsible life.

Eco Friendly Design

Every year, we introduce more and more furniture as well as accessories made from eco-friendly materials. Therefore, when buying at Royalcraft, you can be sure that you support the environment. Sustainable, fair and transparent - Our wood comes from responsible forest management and fair production. In the forests we meet the highest social and ecological standards. The FSC® 100% seal is a sign of compliance with these principles, the forests from which we get the wood for our FSC® garden furniture are managed sustainably according to the highest international standard. This ensures that the forest is preserved for future generations. Aluminium, the majority of which our metal sets are constructed from, is strong and highly malleable, as well as being is one of the most plentiful resources on this planet. This makes it very commercially viable. It is also highly sustainable, environmentally friendly and almost endlessly recyclable.

Climate-Neutral Deliveries

As an eco-aware and future-oriented business, we cooperate only with the carefully selected partners that share our eco-friendly attitude. The same applies to delivery companies, we choose only those that opt for better delivery practices that minimise the carbon output.
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